Why DraftLeap?

Why Try DraftLeap, It's Free and a Snap to Use!

1) DraftLeap: Saves you time and energy with DraftLeap Side by Sides instead of flipping through stats in each matchup / event, it's all on one screen, customized to the games you choose. Unlimited combinations. Try DraftLeap Now by Always Starting Everyday on the Homepage!

2) DraftLeap: Improves accuracy and fantasy results by providing clarity through just one page, minimizing information loss that may occur otherwise during your research.

3) DraftLeap: Streamlines your research each time to keep your research and results consistent, and improving.

4) DraftLeap: It's totally and 100% free! You'll love the DraftLeap service and want to come back everyday!

DraftLeap in Action! (See our Side by Sides)

Let’s say there are 2 NFL games in one of your fantasy contests (Sunday Night Game and Monday Night Game), then you can select just those two games and get DraftLeap Side by Sides for just those two games (two sets of Side by Sides, one for each matchup, comparing each team) to make your analysis fast, clear and using only the information you need. Start comparing stats much more easily with DraftLeap!

Try DraftLeap Out Now by Selecting a Sport on the Homepage! You'll love it.